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love me, allycia

I'm Allycia ♥

热衷于撰写生活的每一秒是我的侥幸,感谢不尽; 誊录每一隅的生活姿态是我的天赋,在下恪尽职守。 那是我,那是一種生活態度.

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never fade away.

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24 January 2011

♥ this is fo fucking annoying

Whoops! You're out of space. You are using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Purchase more storage
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kkkkk, whatever. I don't wanna purchase any more storage.

read me from here ♥


your truly,
Allycia chew.

19 January 2011

♥ Entitle to 'him'

All this while I've learned that it's preferable not to blog about something when there was something happened on you or around you lately, do drag post, then other people might don't know what were you blogged bout, contradictions and hesitation may confuse their decision-making or judgment.

Sometimes, you teach me how a girl should be, being self-conscious or higher self-esteem and so on. Condemning me not to do this and that, and especially always eliminating from being debauched girl. Well, I do know what I ought to do before you tell me all these. I kept silent, because I know you did these were just for my sake.

You judged, showing your disdain on me before I telling the entire story. This is so pretty unfair.

You said a girl should not swallowing her pride when she's in love, yes I agree with your stand, but can you tell me are you the one who judge a girl by a text? A text which is so-not-relevant to you. Of course, you judged me in a kind of unfair way and I'm sorry, that's only your thought. That's not the truth dude.

I wanted to ask you that, so what kind of girl she is? I doubted and wondered how expensive is her pride when she calling you and the etc? Is she the same as me? Answer this question in your heart. And I can tell you if I'm those girl who you described bout then she's the one of them too. So can you tell me how's your feelings right now when I judged the one who you love/loved so much when I fucking don't know anything bout you and her? Mad right? Feel so pretty unfair? Yes and this was how I felt that time.

However, I was trying to tell you guys how candy-sweet was I texting with someone who I wish to be with, that time. You judged me at first, and I judged her without any intention but just wish you to know that, being assertive with your stands just because you think you've seasoned and have so much experiences is not the right way to judge one when you only knew a part of the fact. And, I'm so sensitive with that 'word' like how sensitive am I with the word 'fat' -.-

Why am I writing all these? Apparently, I do care bout what you've said to me. 

Just because both of us are the same person, so we do fight often compare to when I'm with another of him. Knowing true colours of each others and being so straight-forwarded are good for us, but, what happened to us lately? Always take it as your fault but will never tell me what I've done which you think I should not to do. And all I can do to you is apologize, there's nothing I can do to reconstruct our bonds besides a sorry.

lcs,I think I'm sorry (sometimes).

18 January 2011

♥ 彼此带着假面,笑也笑得吃力,十分疲惫




 #PS: 在我度过最煎熬的时候,最美丽的意外,就是遇见了你们,你们知不知道?

16 January 2011

♥ I think We are happy Family, ;D

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
Wont you say you love me too? ;D

I love you 
You love me
We are friends like friends should be with a great big hug and
a kiss from me to you
Wont you say you love me too? ♥

I think I ever blogged bout how I get along with my college mates right? But I never expose their faces in my blog cause they're trying to be low-profile, like they used to be. -___- 
and this post I've dragged for so long because I'm afraid that they ll kill me after seeing this post. HAHA! But nevermind, I dah biasa scolded by them, muahahahaha.

When during yum-cha session, they like to talk bout 'THEIR' past like how they met in the first day and etc etc and etc, kept on repeating their lovely same story like billion times, seriously billion times, reminisced the same story over and over again. Of course I'm jealous cause I wasn't inside the story! -_-''

Kay, Let's brief a bit bout my story with them. 
 Me and my gay partners? ♥

I have two sort of best friends in college, hmmmmmm, and I always mix with them everyday except those days without class, and never separated with them after getting know that I hardly can communicate/dwell together with others, all in nuts, we are borned to be one in SEGi. ♥ Heeeeeeeeeee.; D

Start from the beginning, the two guys were know each others at first and I met them after a week semester started. I still remember when the first day I was in class, I was like motherfarker cause everyone has their own fucking-clan ad and I was still sitting alone. However it was so superb lucky that my two besties were late for class like nowadays they still being that attitude for classes, and yet forced to sit beside of me! muahahhahahaha! and 'DANGG', our clan formed! ;D

And it isn't that simple and comfortable (sometimes) to get along with them, they are guyssssssss and I'm a little lady HAHA! They are bad guys, all the time (for me). Besides, they like to ban me to do something I like, like stopping me wearing their-so-called-stupiest-creation-in-this-world-hairband or legging, dislike I put on make ups especially eyeliners, and the most important thing is they HATE I take photos on anything, ANYTHING (even on foods!) and etc etc ( I can't even remember right now, too much thingys they dislike! )
However, I think I'm a superwoman cause I'll never affected their CRUEL advices and still being myself, Heeeeeeeeeeee;D

My boyfriendssss! hoho
They gonna kill me! xD ♥

Don't get wrong, they are not available but if you are pretty enough, they are always available for you! I'm just transferring their voices. haha. Seriously I think I'm dying soon. hahahahaha.

They ll never see my camera lens and this is how we spend our leisure time.
And we are getting more diligent after semester 1. We don't have same empathies but I believe we do have same goals, right?

How they smile ♥
I think they gonna split me into two tomorrow.

We used to get along like buddies & brothers.

Our first movie together.

This is another story bout us, haha imagine there's a black and white photo on your birthday card!
I was trying to design this birthday card for one of them and now is year 2011 and he still haven't get this birthday card!

I admit sometimes I do very capricious to them and I do cherish every moment they connived me, as well as tolerate my queeny bad temper. But still,  I think I'm still being a careful and lovely to every friend of mine, ;D
I remember last time I was afraid you guys will neglect me after another one had girlfriend and I said I will tend to get a boyfriend so I wouldn't seems like irritating u two. : ' ( but the most touched thing was u guys said you two ll never dump me away no matter what just because I don't want to be alone. #heartmelts#
Girls are always stupid and easy to get cheat by those stupid but sugarly lies, but who care?
I'm not perfect and just because of my imperfections, u guys never ever want to dump me away right?
Same goes to other friends of mine, I think they love me so muchie . ♥ Ily,to my friends!


They are my jokers and I'm their victim -_-

Now sem2 has started and our arguements has increased compare to last sem. ; ( No matter what, of course I don't wish to see any crack on our friendship although I think our fights will not harm our friendships, right?
and I'm gonna purchase a camera! muahahahahahahah! You guys can't stop me from snapping foods, peoples, you and you and you and you.................. muahahahahhahahahaahha!!


What we need to do is just spend all the time together in 1year and
'pop', we are END.


You guys said I definitely ll cry during our graduation's day,
hmmm, I doubt this too..haha!

This is one of chapters of my life with
them, my little family.

14 January 2011

♥ 我们无畏在纠纷中更认识彼此了





在写下任何一篇日志还是文章之下,我们都必须有些 “当” 才能启迪脑袋撰写。而,我最近的“当” 是看了刘庸的《不负我心》而撩起了我想对某些人写下这一切。然而,就当我对现在看着这一篇文章的你说也罢。

#PS: 但,在我写下这前,我想对一个曾经盗用我的好朋友陈小姐的原创的人而把她美丽的文笔引用在你的部落格上好像这一切都是你写的女人说,管你看谁的文章也好,管你听了谁说的话也好,当你要quote还是引用别人的原创,麻烦你至少表明那一大段不是你写的,college做assignments都有harvard systems,我坚持,尊敬他人的原创。

这两张照片都是当我看了刘庸而前者感动十分后者感触百分的时候拍下来,动人心弦的文章是必须拿出来分享。到目前为止,令我有 “当” 的反应是刘庸这么一句话:

“ 与其拥有而不爱,不如让爱的人拥有”


“ 就因起先有不豁达,所以有情痴,有争执,有执著,有锥心刺骨的痛,有咬牙切齿的恨,便总有千种风情更与何人说?就因后来能豁达,所以有泰然,有放心,有搁下,有众里寻他千百度的蓦然回首,有经历横沙之劫得圆满和宽容”


我执著我拥有的并不是不对,只是都后来才知道,才明了,我带不走的幸福,我无畏再执著下去,我无畏再往黑暗中跑去,我无畏再在不明中混淆。带不走的幸福就像是刘庸的“ 与其拥有而不爱,不如让爱的人拥有”;与其终究还是带不走的幸福,不如不再那么顽梗不化就就手让下一个幸福去。

“ 别人带不走的,留给我。我带不走的,留给他。世代的繁荣与交替,就是这样完成的。让爱绵延下去,让很从此停止下去,让自己的遗憾不要成为别人的遗憾,才是积极的“爱的态度” ”





#PS :  终究不知自己错在何方的人不是不值得被原谅,只是更值得被叫着放下。原谅了,然后你更值得被放下。


11 January 2011

♥ It's about myse/f

It seems like I've been a period never camwhore myself, blame my collegemates, muahhahaha! fuck them fuck them fuck them.

Did hair rebonding few days ago, will dying my hair before CNY!
Hello girls, are u collecting your CNY clothes ad????!!!!


Danggg! This is how I look like recently, no more BANG! Boooooo! x) Firstly I would like to thank to those people who told me that I'm really suit for BangBangBangBang, yeap, I don't deny that bang really suit for long face like horse use to have, -____- but seriously bang really do annoyed me much all these while.

So, no more Bangggggggg, don't fcking try to tell me how fucking pretty am I with bang, -____- mind your own hairstyle first.


Stay tune for next post...♥

♥ Malacca & JB & Singapore (2)

Left few photos about my trip, so just enjoy going thru those meaningless pichas. Haha xD I haven't solve my blog's problem yet!!! Should I open a new blog??????????? : ( fml la. I don't wanna waste my precious time on doing all this bullshits ! Help me SOS !

Ignore this aunty pls thnx.

Fashion is my love !

Women's love ;D

Kay, tied my bang up cause it has getting longer and no more straight at all.

ciao !
I'm exciting for my next trip at Thai in March ♥

09 January 2011

♥ Malacca & JB & Singapore

Ellooooooooooooo, this was how I spent my first day of year 2011 after having rave party last nite. ♥
From Malacca ---> JB ---> Singapore w/ sis and her gorgeous friend Glynnis Tai, she is more prettier than you see in those pichas I've uploaded here! Can u imagine?! Always love her nude and delicate make ups, and of course her natural superb-black wavy hair.

So before going thru my pichas, can u please don't comment bout my hairstyles, my complexion, my outfits and etc etc, don't even mumble infront of your bout me please. Kay I know its my fault for not preparing my luggages well fml, -____- #blamingmyself# Forgive me, I slept for half an hour-onehour time before initialing my journey after having sorta-wild-countdown party at Maison! Hee, that night was pretty fun, (;

Fuckthesun, when I was at Malacca

Chicken Rice balls ♥


Two ladies craving for somethin cold under the hot sun.

At JB ♥

Dinner Time

Was being busy messaging w/ my love!
: X haha

The only mall at JB, I think. XD

Our love, bubbled milk Tea :D

The next morning, Heading to Sing ;D
Still was being busy every moment XD

A picture speaks a thousand words,
So just go thru all these pictures and they ll tell you stories,

Having first meal at Sing.

So difeerent styles huh.

This was what I bought at Malacca, Useless thingy!
x) Kuso!

Makan and makan.

Shopping Time and do grabbed for CNY clothes!

Polaroids by Instant mini camera ♥

I still have several pichas couldnt upload to my blog because the blogger said I've used up my 1GB space! THIS IS LIKE FOMG! -_______- and I've to upgrate space by purchasing $5/year for getting 20GB space. fuckfuckfuck. anyone could help me to fix this problem?